Discover the best kept secret in Gauteng when you discover...

manufacturers and importers of paints; industrial cleaners and sealants; craft products and fine art materials.


Discover the best kept secret in Gauteng when you discover a world of colour at Atlas Paints. We are a paint factory and manufacturer with a difference. The history of Atlas Paints stretches back to 1987 when a well-known enterprising chemist – Chris Botha started developing and manufacturing decorative, household and industrial paints for the consumer market. Chris has since retired but once a week he still spends time in the Atlas lab, where he shares his valuable experience and knowledge with the staff. Chris also assists with the development of all our new and exciting products. The team at Atlas Paints consists of 22 employees who have an impressive history of knowledge and service to provide customers with excellent product and advice.








Art Products

Art Products


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